Music Minor

This program provides an organized sequence of study that nonmajors may begin at the start of their freshman year. Each applicant must audition on a principal instrument and pass a sight-singing test. A schedule of audition dates is available through the music admissions office or the College admissions office.


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Degree Requirements

Program requirements

MUTH 10100Fundamentals of Music Theory


MUTH 12100Introduction to Musical Styles


MUTH 12200Music Theory I


MUTH 13300Sight-Singing I


MUTH 13400Sight-Singing II


MUTH 25500History and Literature of Music I


MUTH 25600History and Literature of Music II


PFMJ xxx01Private Instrument


MUEN xxxxxMajor Ensemble in consecutive semesters


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MUTH 10100: Students who score 84 percent or higher on a placement exam for this course, administered by the Department of Music Theory, History, and Composition, fulfill this requirement but do not receive credit for the course.

PFMJ xxx01: One credit per semester; four consecutive semesters. Private studies are with either a full- or part-time faculty member, or with a graduate student, depending on space availability.

MUEN xxxxx: requires permission of performance teacher and ensemble conductor

Total Credit Hours: 21-22

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