Bachelor of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications

Scott Hamula, Associate Professor, Program Director and Department Chair

The integrated marketing communications program is built on the merging of specific coursework from the Roy H. Park School of Communications strategic communication department and the School of Business. This degree teaches students about the newly converged fields of advertising, public relations, brand activation, and marketing. Students learn how these specialized areas are combined into seamless communications programs that promote and build brands, business, not-for-profit organizations, and governmental agencies. 

Academic Policies

In addition to meeting general College guidelines for academic standing and Park School academic policies, majors in integrated marketing communications are required to maintain an overall cumulative GPA of 2.50.

Students wishing to pursue a major in integrated marketing communications should plan carefully and limit themselves to the business courses required within the major in order to adhere to the policy that undergraduate students who are neither accounting nor business administration majors may not register for more than 29 credit hours of business coursework (i.e., ACCT, INTB, MGMT, FINA, MKTG, HRM, PROD, GBUS, BINT, BGRD). Students with junior or senior ranking who are accepted into the integrated marketing communications degree program may not be able to meet all degree requirements without studying for an extra semester or two.

Advising Note

Students with a double major in integrated marketing communications and business who are interested in applying to the master of business administration program should contact the dean’s office in the School of Business for information on a curriculum bridge of five business courses that can be taken during the summer following graduation, before entrance into the M.B.A. program in the fall.

All majors must complete a minimum of 60 credits outside communications, which includes the distribution requirements, and a minimum of 50 percent of their credits (normally 60 credits) in courses designated as liberal arts.

Requirements for the Major 2014-2015



  Credit Hours 
Communications course requirements 38-39
Business course requirements


Other course requirement  3
Electives 55-56


(Total credits to include 60 liberal arts credits and 60 credits outside the School of Communications)

GCOM 13000Spark: Igniting your Future in Communications


STCM 10300Introduction to Strategic Communication


STCM 11100Presentation and Graphic Design


TVR 12100Introduction to Mass Media


STCM 23200Public Relations


STCM 24100Advertising


Communications Course Requirements:

  Credit Hours 
 GCOM 13000 S'Park!: Igniting Your Future in Communications (F)  1
 STCM 10300 Introduction to Strategic Communication* (F-S)  3
 STCM 11100 Presentation Media and Visual Design (F-S)  3
 TVR   12100 Introduction to Mass Media* (F)  3
 STCM 23200 Public Relations* (F-S)  3
 STCM 24100 Advertising* (F-S)  3
 STCM 30900 Media Planning (F-S)  3
 TVR   31200 Government and Media* (F-S, offered in Los Angeles) (ICC-CLA)  3
 STCM 33000 Advertising Copywriting and Art Direction (F-S)  3
 STCM 33200 Writing for Public Relations* (F-S, offered in Los Angeles) (ICC-WI)  3
 GCOM 43000 Connecting the Dots: General Education Integration (F-S) (ICC-CP)  1
 Choose one of the following:  

 STCM 28800 Research and Statistics for Strategic Communications* (3) (F-S) (ICC-QL & CLA)


 PSYC 20700 Statistics in Psychology* (4) (F-S, Y) (ICC-CLA)  

 Choose one of the following:  
 STCM 10800 Communication in Organizations* (F-S) (ICC-CLA)  
 CMST 11500 Business & Professional Communication* (F-S, Y) (ICC-CLA)  3
 Choose one of the following:  
 STCM 42000 Integrated Marketing Communications Lab* (S)  
 STCM 44000 Public Relations Lab (F)  

 STCM 44100 Ad Lab (S)

 STCM 43000 Brand Design and Communication (F)  
 STCM 43400 Communication Management Lab (S)  3 
 Total Communications Course Requirements 38-39 
PSYC 20700Statistics in Psychology


Business Course Requirements

 GBUS 20300 Legal Environment of Business I (F-S, Y)  3
 ACCT 22400 Reporting and Decision Making in Integrated Marketing Communication (S)  3
 MKTG 31200 Principles of Marketing (F-S)  3
 MKTG 32300 Consumer Behavior (F-S)  3
 MKTG 32500 Sales and Sales Promotion (F-S)  3
 MKTG 38000 International Marketing (F-S)  3
 MKTG 49100 Marketing on the Internet (F-S)  3
 Choose at least three credits from the following:  
 MKTG 41100 Marketing Analytics (F-S)
 MKTG 48600 Marketing Strategy (S)  3
 MKTG 49700      Selected Topics: Marketing (F-S)  1-3
 Total Business Course Requirements 24

*Denotes a liberal arts course

(F) course offered Fall semester only; (S) course offered Spring semester only; (F-S) course offered both Fall and Spring semesters; (Y) course offered yearly; (IRR) course offered irregularly.

ICC-CLA indicates a course that fulfills the complementary liberal arts requirement of the Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC);  ICC-WI indicates a course that fulfills the ICC writing intensive requirement; ICC-CP indicates a course that fulfills the capstone requirement in the ICC; ICC-QL is a course that fulfills the quantitative literacy requirement in the ICC.

Other Course Requirement

  Credit Hours 
 ECON 12200 Microeconomics* (F, Y) (ICC-CLA)  3
Total Other Requirement 3


* Denotes a liberal arts course.

ICC-CLA indicates a course that fulfills the complementary liberal arts requirement of the Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC).

STCM 42000Integrated Marketing Communications Lab


STCM 44000Public Relations Lab


STCM 44100Ad Lab


STCM 43000Brand Design and Communication


STCM 43400Communication Management Lab


Total Credit Hours:37-38

ECON 12200, STCM 42000: liberal arts course

Integrative Core Curriculum Requirements

All students at Ithaca College must complete the Integrative Core Curriculum listed below (full details are available at the ICC description in the general information section of the catalog):

 Themes and Perspectives  
     Ithaca Seminar (ICSM 1xxxx)  4 credits* 
     Creative Arts (CA) course  3 credits
     Humanities (HM) course  3 credits
     Natural Sciences (SC)  3 credits
     Social Sciences (SO)  3 credits
Complementary Liberal Arts (CLA)   12 credits

(Fulfilled with core requirements TVR 31200, STCM 28800 or PSYCH 20700, STCM 10800 or CMST 11500, and ECON 12200 for majors in the B.S. in Intgegrated Marketing Communications)

WRTG 10600   3 credits**
Writing Intensive (WI) course   3 credits***
Diversity (DV) course   3 credits
Quantitative Literacy (QL) course   3 credits****
ICC Capstone (CP) 0-3 credits   1 credit for Park School degrees (fulfilled by GCOM 43000)
Total Integrative Core Curriculum   31-41 credits

* Incoming freshmen will register for an Ithaca Seminar their first (fall) semester at Ithaca College.  Transfer students will register for a seminar (ICSM 20500) designed specifically for transfer students to fulfill this requirement.

** You may also receive credit for completing this requirement by scoring a 4 or 5 on the AP examination in English Literature & Composition or English Language & Composition.  The following Ithaca Seminars also fulfill this requirement:  ICSM 10800 or ICSM 11800.

*** You must fulfill the First-Year Composition requirement before enrolling in a Writing Intensive course. Park School courses that fulfill the WI requirement are CNPH 30000 Fiction Film Theory, CNPH 30100 History and Theory of Documentary, JOUR 21100 Visual Journalism, and STCM 33200 Writing for Public Relations. 

**** Mathematics Competency
After you decide to attend Ithaca College, you will complete an online assessment of the mathematical skills necessary to succeed in courses with a Quantitative Literacy (QL) designation. If you do not pass the assessment, you’ll be required to complete a mathematics course designed to prepare you for Quantitative Literacy courses before you can complete your Quantitative Literacy requirement. Park School courses that fulfill the QL requirement are JOUR 48400, STCM 28800 Research and Statistics for Strategic Communications, and TVR 26300 Mass Media Research Methods.

WRTG 10600Academic Writing I



ECON 12200Principles of Microeconomics


Total Credit Hours:6

WRTG 10600, WRTG 11100, and WRTG 11100: liberal arts courses


Communications course requirements


Business course requirements


Other course requirements




Total, B.S. in integrated marketing communications


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