Senior Credit Requirement

To maintain the integrity of the academic experience, the senior year must be completed in residence at Ithaca College. To this end, students are required to complete the last 30 credits of their degree program at Ithaca College.

In exceptional circumstances, a student may petition the dean for a special waiver of this requirement, allowing completion of a limited number of these final credits elsewhere. To seek the waiver, the student must complete all steps outlined on the petition form, available in the registrar’s office.

Deadlines for petition to waive the senior credit requirement:

  • Waiver to cover summer study: May 1
  • Waiver for fall semester: June 15
  • Waiver for spring semester: December 15 (for international study: December 1)

Certain programs stipulate that some courses required for the major must be taken at Ithaca College. See school and departmental regulations.

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