Credit from External Sources

Transfer from another institution — A student who transfers to Ithaca College from another accredited college or university may be granted credit for all courses satisfactorily completed with a grade of C- or better, except that transfer students must in all cases meet the same requirements as Ithaca College students in a given program. For example, if a particular course in the major area of study must be passed with a grade of C or better, transfer students will be required to meet that standard. It is the transfer student’s responsibility to request that a transcript be sent to the Ithaca College director of admission directly from the institution. Credits accepted toward an academic program are determined by the student’s academic dean. Credits are transferable; grades are not. All credits are converted into semester credit hours if they are not already so designated.

Occasional study at another institution (semester or summer) — Credit for occasional courses taken at another institution is accepted by Ithaca College under the following conditions:

  1. The student has successfully petitioned for preliminary approval of the credit prior to taking the courses.
  2. The other institution has regional and/or appropriate professional accreditation (confirmation is needed from the Ithaca College registrar on this point).
  3. The courses in question are not among those that must be taken at Ithaca College to fulfill major requirements (refer to specific program listings and consult with adviser for information on this).
  4. An appropriate final course grade is earned as set out under “Transfer from Another Institution” above.

The petition for preliminary approval requires the consent of the student’s adviser, the chair(s) of the department(s) to which the credit for a required course relates, and the dean. On completion of the courses, the student must have the official transcript sent to the registrar’s office.

This credit is counted toward graduation requirements, but grades are not counted for the student’s GPA at Ithaca College.

Seniors are reminded that their last 30 credits must be taken at Ithaca College. Thus, students who wish to take at another institution courses that would fall within the last 30 credit hours must petition for a waiver of that requirement and petition for approval of the courses. See the “Senior Credit Requirement” section. (

Credit by examination Ithaca College, at the discretion of the student’s dean or program director, accepts credit from other established sources, such as Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), General and Subject Examinations, New York ACT, and educational experiences in the armed services. Test results should be sent to the Office of the Registrar. All credits are converted to semester credit hours, if they are not already so designated.

Credit from external sources and the Integrative Core Curriculum -- Students may apply credits earned at other institutions or granted on the basis of AP/IB/CLEP scores to fulfillment of the following ICC components: First Year Composition, Quantitative Literacy, Diversity, and Writing Intensive.  Such credits may also apply to the 12 Complementary Liberal Arts credits depending on school and department requirements. The degree to which such credits could apply to a specific ICC requirement is dependent on a match between the Ithaca College courses meeting the requirement and the credit granted for courses completed elsewhere and on program-specific requirements for the 12 Complementary Liberal Arts credits.

Students may not apply credits earned at other institutions or granted on the basis of AP/IB/CLEP score or any other standardized examination program from which Ithaca College awards credit toward fulfillment of the Themes and Perspectives or ICC Capstone components of the ICC. 

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