Journalism Minor

Mead Loop, Associate Professor and Program Director

The minor in journalism offers students the opportunity to expand and enhance their college experience. It is designed to give students from a variety of disciplines a broad-based yet rigorous knowledge of journalistic theory and practice. Students work on news and public affairs coverage of issues relevant to their own major areas through a variety of lecture, seminar, and laboratory courses. The concept of media convergence is a key component of the minor curriculum. Students in the journalism minor are taught print, broadcast, and digital journalism in many of their classes so that they develop expertise that can be applied to the rapidly changing world of journalism.

The minor is not open to journalism majors. Information concerning application deadlines, admission criteria, and program requirements is available in the journalism department office. Enrollment in the minor is limited. Students must have a cumulative GPA above 2.75 in order to apply to the journalism minor, but this minimum does not guarantee acceptance.

Required courses

JOUR 11100Introduction to Journalism


JOUR 11200Journalism Research


JOUR 21100Visual Journalism


JOUR 48800Issues and the News


Total Credit Hours:15

JOUR 11100, JOUR 11200, JOUR 21100, and JOUR 48800: liberal arts courses

Choose one of the following:

JOUR 21300Journalism Ethics


JOUR 25000Journalism History


TVR 31200Government and Media


Total Credit Hours:18

JOUR 21300, JOUR 25000, and TVR 31200: liberal arts courses

Additional requirements

Minors are required to maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.50 in all required courses, as well as an overall cumulative GPA of 2.50.

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