Politics Major — B.A.

Credits in the major

 Three courses at level 1:
   POLT 10100 U.S. Politics
   One course in the subfield political theory
   One course in the subfield comparative and international studies

Six courses at level 3 or above, with a minimum of one course in each of the four subfields that constitute the major program - U.S. politics, political theory, public policy, and comparative and international

Two courses at level 4 -- seminars, tutorials, internships, or directed studies --
with at least one course in this series to be a seminar
One additional course at any level. Majors with senior standing may not fulfill this requirement with a level-1 course. All majors must take at least three courses in comparative/international studies.  3
A grade of C is the minimum required in major field courses.

Credits outside the major

Foreign-language competence up to and including the intermediate level


Additional credits for the optional international studies concentration

Note: Students choosing the concentration option are restricted in the way in which they satisfy the requirements at levels 1, 3, and 4; see "Additional requirements and restrictions" below for details.

One additional POLT course at level 1


ANTH 10400Cultural Anthropology



HIST 18200World Civilization II


Additional foreign language study of 6 credits beyond the intermediate


Credits in the major


Credits outside the major


Free electives


Total, B.A. in politics


International studies concentration

The international studies concentration is intended for students who wish to focus their study of politics on issues and topics specifically connected to global matters. In addition to requiring two additional courses beyond the general politics B.A. degree, the concentration restricts the way in which students satisfy the requirements at each level by limiting choices to courses that are designated as comparative and international (as listed above).

 Additional requirements and restrictions for the International Studies concentration

  • An additional level-1 politics course (four courses, 12 credits total)
  • Either ANTH 10400 Cultural Anthropology or HIST 18200 World Civilizations II (3 credits)
  • Language competence at least 6 credits beyond the intermediate level; students can petition the chair to have equivalent experience (e.g., a semester abroad) count for this additional competence.

To satisfy the level-1 requirement, students must take (in addition to POLT 10100 and a course in political theory) two courses in comparative and international studies, as follows:

To satisfy the level-3 requirement (18 credits), students must choose (in addition to one course each in U.S. politics and political theory) three courses in comparative and international studies, one of which must be designated as a “place” course (15 credits), and POLT 30600 U.S. Foreign Policy.

To satisfy the level-4 requirement (6 credits), all seminars and tutorials must be designated comparative and international, and internships or directed studies courses must be approved by the chair who will determine whether the topic falls within the field of comparative and international studies.

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