Department of Education

Jeane Copenhaver-Johnson, Associate Professor and Chair

The Department of Education coordinates all teacher education programs, both undergraduate and graduate, for the School of Humanities and Sciences. In addition to providing courses required for H&S teacher education programs, the department offers a number of open elective courses. The department also promotes educational outreach for teacher education programs campuswide by sponsoring seminars, workshops, and conferences for teachers and prospective teachers. It administers a number of formal partnerships with area schools, including Partnership in Teaching, Access to College Education (ACE), Ithaca College-South Hill School Partnership, Ithaca College-Boynton Middle School Partnership, and the Ithaca College-Frederick Douglass Academy Partnership.

The Office of Teaching and Certification, housed in the Department of Education, assists all teacher education students with issues pertaining to teacher certification. This office also maintains data on all student teacher placements, facilitates mentor-teacher payments, and serves as the chief liaison with the New York State Education Department on all teacher education matters.


Unit-Wide Assessment Systems in Ithaca College Teacher Education Programs

The All-College Teacher Education Unit at Ithaca College requires all teacher education students, regardless of program area, to be reviewed at four programmatic transition points during their course of study. Continuation in a teacher education major is contingent upon the student successfully meeting the requirements of each transition point review; therefore, admission into one of the Ithaca College Teacher Education Program majors at admission or upon transfer to the College does not guarantee that a student will be allowed to participate in the semester-long student teaching/externship experience or to be a program completer eligible for teaching certification. The four unit-wide assessment reviews students must successfully complete occur at the following transitions in a student’s program: (1) Admission to Professional Education, (2) Admission to Student Teaching/Externship, (3) Completion of Student Teaching/Externship, and (4) Completion of Program. As part of these reviews, student progress in meeting the eight Ithaca College Teacher Education Standards, the New York State Teaching Standards, the IC Teacher Education Professional Qualities and Dispositions, and, if applicable, the standards of the relevant Specialized Professional Association is assessed by program-specific reviewers.  Specific details about programs’ particular requirements and procedures, including supports for students who do not meet the criteria for a review, may be found in the handbooks of individual teacher education programs.

Undergraduate teaching certification programs are offered in the following areas:

School of Health Sciences and Human Performance

School of Humanities and Sciences

School of Music

Overall, Ithaca College students who complete the teacher preparation program consistently score in the 98th percentile or higher on the New York State teacher certification exams. For more information, see the website for the New York State Education Department’s Office of Teaching Initiatives.

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