Department of Economics

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science

Elia Kacapyr, Professor and Chair

The Department of Economics curricula offer majors broad coverage of the economic discipline and opportunities for specialization in any of several major areas, such as analytical, quantitative, or international economics. General courses are also available for students in other disciplines who want to gain an understanding of economics.

The curricular offerings are a B.A. in economics, a B.S. in applied economics (both housed in the Department of Economics), and a B.A. in mathematics-economics (housed in the Department of Mathematics). The B.A. in economics is a traditional liberal arts degree, with a core set of requirements surrounded by elective courses. The applied economics curriculum includes policy courses in the economics department and finance and accounting courses in the School of Business. Both the B.S. and the B.A. programs offer students a wide range of career and graduate school options. No more than one grade below C- is allowed in courses required for the B.S. in applied economics or the B.A. in economics.

Requirements for Honors in Economics

The honors program for economics, applied economics, and mathematics-economics majors is designed to encourage in-depth study and research. For economics department honors, a special honors paper is required; it may be an extension or improvement of a previously submitted paper. Students majoring in economics, applied economics, and mathematics-economics with an overall cumulative GPA of 3.00 and a GPA of at least 3.30 in economics courses may qualify for honors in economics. The student selects an economics faculty member as a sponsor and tutor. The research should be conducted during the fall and spring semesters of the student’s senior year. The student is required to defend the honors paper before a committee of tutorial instructors and the chair of the department. The committee approves, at its discretion, departmental honors for individual students.

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