Department of Chemistry

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science

Vincent DeTuri, Associate Professor and Chair

The chemistry curriculum, approved by the American Chemical Society, provides an exceptionally strong foundation for further training at the graduate level. The department is nationally noted for its research program, and students are regularly involved in research publications. Approximately 80 percent of chemistry majors continue in postgraduate education to pursue a Ph.D. or M.D. immediately after graduation. Chemistry majors are well-prepared for a wide range of career opportunities, including medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacology, environmental science, toxicology, food science, forensic science, secondary school teaching, and engineering.

Chemical Engineering and Material Science

Students with an interest in chemical engineering can prepare for a career in this field by obtaining a bachelor of science degree at Ithaca College and then enrolling in a master of engineering program in chemical engineering from an engineering school. Students can concentrate their degree in an area of material science such as polymers, solar cells, batteries, superconductors, and semiconductors. The department offers several advanced electives covering recent trends in these areas, and several faculty have active research programs in these areas. The department curriculum is also designed to provide outstanding classroom and laboratory experience as preparation for a career in the chemical industry directly after graduation.

Requirements for Honors in Chemistry

To be awarded honors in chemistry, a student must have a minimum GPA of 2.80 overall and 3.30 in chemistry courses. A student may apply with a 2.75 overall GPA and a 3.00 in chemistry. Application must be made to the chair of the chemistry department no later than the first week of the senior year. The student must select an adviser and a research project.

The faculty of the Department of Chemistry reviews the qualifications of the applicant and either approves or disapproves the application. If the application is approved, the student must enroll in CHEM 49100 and CHEM 49200 Honors Research in Chemistry.

A final version of an honors thesis reporting the results of a research investigation must be submitted to the adviser not later than three weeks before the expected date of graduation. The student must defend the thesis before a committee of no fewer than three members of the chemistry faculty. Faculty from other departments may be included if the topic is interdisciplinary.

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